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Do we require collateral?

Yes, we always provide loans against a collateral. It can be in the form of real estate or a combination of movable and immovable property.

What can I use as collateral?

For a business loan, you need to pledge a piece of real estate owned by you or a third party. The collateral takes the form of a lien, just as in standard mortgage loans. It can an apartment, family house, cottage, commercial space, office, or land. You can also secure your loan by a combination of movable and immovable property (such as vehicles, machinery, equipment, technology, etc.).

We will I get the money?

We always strive to make the entire process as simple and fast as possible. We will usually prepare your individual offer within 24 hours and you can have the money on your account within 48 hours.

Who appraises the property and do I pay for the appraisal?

You will get a professional real estate appraisal and a tailored loan solutionfor for free. We only need photos of the real estate or movable property to be used as collateral.

Do I have to disclose the purpose of the loan?

A business loan should be used exclusively for business purposes and related services. All we need is your business plan or intention for the use of the loan.

Do you charge any fees?

We charge a one-off loan processing fee, which covers all related costs, jincluding the appraisal so you do not pay any money out of your pocket. Apart from the one-off fee, jno monthly or other fees are charged.

Can I take out a loan remotely?

Yes, we can arrange everything over telephone. This also includes the process of appraising your collateral. The final signing of the contractual documentation takes place at your place of residence with our representative at a time you choose.

How do you calculate interest?

The interest rate is determined individually on the basis of several main factors, such as the collateral value, purpose of the loan, and more. The interest rate will remain valid and unchanged for the entire duration of the loan.

Who is your loan solution suitable for?

We finance all types of business projects and all types of business activities (completely without restrictions). We also finance new entrepreneurs without previous history. We do not require tax returns with a declared profit to get you a loan.

What documents do I need to get a loan?

We will process your loan application within 48 hours. We only need photo documentation of the collateral property. Further necessary documents are individual depending on the type of the applicant and the purpose of the loan. We do not require a tax return for the entire past year to process your loan.

Case study – How it works?

You can send you application to either via the contact form on the website or you can call us by telephone. If you have applied via the contact form, you will be usually contacted by our credit specialist within an hour, who will discuss with you your current situation and motivation to take out a loan. If you agree to the terms and your situation will not be non-standard, such as that you are subject to a distraint order or deal with other similar problems, our specialist will send you an offer on the same day. You will receive the offer on your e-mail address and we will call you for confirmation. Following that, we will process the contractual documents and agree on the place and time of signing the documents (we will usually drive to you or you can visit our office). Once you sign the pledge agreement (along with the loan contract), the lien will be immediately recorded in the Land Register. Just as with bank loans, you may start drawing your credit already on the basis of an application to enter the lien into the Land Register. If everything goes smoothly, we can approve and credit your loan within the declared period of 48 hours. In practice, however, the entire process usually takes about one or two weeks.

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